Til forsiden


The Danish Ministry of Health supports the DDRC National Info & Education Centre for Dementia. We are grateful for support for specific projects from the following foundations in 2019.
  • Absalon Foundation
  • Alzheimer Research Foundation
  • Axel Juul Muusfeldt Foundation
  • Danish Freemason Order
  • Danish Medical Association
  • Danish Ministry of Health
  • European Academy of Neurology
  • Estate of Knud Langballe Axelsen
  • Foundation for Neurological Research
  • Frimodt Heineke Foundation
  • Huntington’s National Association
  • Ida-Lis and Finn Olsen Foundation
  • Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Jascha Foundation
  • Kavli Trust (Norway)
  • KFP Dementia Group
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • Rigshospitalet Scientific Committee
  • Toyota Foundation
  • Aase and Ejnar Danielsen Foundation
Updated at 25 June 2020