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Copenhagen Memory Clinic

Established in 1995, Copenhagen Memory Clinic at Rigshospitalet is a combined secondary and tertiary referral-based multidisciplinary out-patient clinic. 

Copenhagen Memory Clinic offers diagnostic evaluation and treatment of patients with cognitive disorders and dementia and also receives referrals from general practitioners, private practice neurologists, psychiatrists and other hospitals in the Capitol Region of Denmark. Patients may also be referred from other memory clinics for second opinion evaluations.

In 2019 the Copenhagen Memory Clinic on Blegdamsvej and the one in Glostrup officially merged and now share renovated facilities at the Blegdamsvej site, which will house a new clinical section offering diagnostic evaluation and follow-up of patients with dementia from the City of Copenhagen and the southern part of the Capital Region.

In September 2018 a new outpatient satellite clinic was established on the island of Bornholm. For both sites, general practitioners, hospital departments and private practice specialists from local catchment areas can refer new patients for diagnostic evaluation of cognitive, behavioural or other symptoms suggestive of dementia or cognitive disorders. A dedicated multidisciplinary team of consultant neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, neuropsychologists, specialist nurses, a social counsellor and medical secretaries manage diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

Copenhagen Memory Clinic in 2019
1,750 new patients
8,952 patient visits
Bornholm Memory Clinic in 2019
96 new patients
5,041 patients are in a follow-up programme.

Read more about Copenhagen Memory Clinic in the Annual Report 2019

Updated at 25 June 2020