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DDRC – organisation

Located at Rigshospitalet and based in the Department of Neurology, the Danish Dementia Research Centre (DDRC)comprises three sections:Copenhagen Memory Clinic, Dementia and Neurogenetics Research Unit and National Info & Education Centre for Dementia.

Copenhagen Memory Clinic

The Copenhagen Memory Clinic is a secondary and tertiary referral-based multidisciplinary out-patient clinic offering diagnostic evaluation and treatment of patients with cognitive disorders and dementia. It has three sections, Rigshospitalet – Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet – Glostrup in Glostrup and a satellite clinic at Bornholm Hospital.

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Research Unit

The Research Unit comprises clinical research groups, a neurogenetic research laboratory and the Danish Dementia BioBank.

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National Info & Education Centre for Dementia

Initiated and funded by the Danish Ministry of Health, the National Info & Education Centre for Dementia has a steering committee and a scientific advisory board. With representatives from the Ministry of Health, Danish Regions, Local Government Denmark and Rigshospitalet, the steering committee monitors the strategic development and performance of the National Info & Education Centre according to predefined objectives and milestones, as outlined in our strategy for 2016-2020.

The scientific advisory board reviews and contributes with advice on major educational and scientific activities. The members of the advisory board represent the Danish Health Authority (SST), municipalities in Local Government Denmark, Danish Regions, Danish College of General Practitioners, Organisation of general practitioners, the Danish Alzheimer’s Association, the Danish Huntington’s Disease Association and the DaneAge Association.

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Updated at 03 May 2019