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Financing and acknowledgements

The Danish Dementia Research Centre was established in 2007 on fundings from “the Health Insurance Foundation” and “the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention”.

The total annual budget of the DDRC amounts to approximately DKK 43 m, distributed almost evenly between internal funding (DKK 20,7m for memory clinic services) and external grants for research and educational activities.

In 2014 operation of the National Info & Education Centre was extended with a DKK 19.2 m grant from the Danish Ministry of Health (2016-2018). In 2016 the governmental funding for the National Info & Education Centre was extended to DKK 8 m/y and made permanent from 2017.

External funding for research and education activities 2016  DKK million
New grants recieved  4,7
New grants accumulated 2007-2016  127,9
External grants spent on specific programmes
• The National Info & Education Centre from the Danish Ministry of Health
and the Elderly
• Other external grants for research


Conferences, educational courses and products  3,8
Research contracts  3,0


Staff 2016  
Number of employees 75
Full-time equivalent employees with funding from
• Internal sources
• External sources


Conflict of interest

Employees at Danish Dementia Research Centre are affiliated with numerous committees, boards, etc. For a complete list of these, please see the latest annual report.

For a complete list of doctor's affiliation to the pharmaceutical industry, we refer to the Danish Medicines Agencies list " Doctors associated with pharmaceutical companies".


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