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Financing and acknowledgements

The Danish Dementia Research Centre was established in 2007 on fundings from “the Health Insurance Foundation” and “the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention”.

The DDRC’s total annual budget was approximately DKK 56,2 m, distributed almost evenly between internal funding (DKK 26.8 m for memory clinic services) and external grants (DKK 29.4 m for research, contracts and educational activities).

In addition, the memory clinic received a separate grant of DKK 20,5 m from the Danish Ministry of Health via Capital Region of Denmark, dedicated to the merge and quality assurance of memory clinics in Denmark, a National Dementia Plan initiative for 2017-2019.

In 2016 the National Info & Education Centre for Dementia received a DKK 19 m grant from the Danish Ministry of Health for 2017-2020, expanding its annual government funding to eight million kroner. This grant was made permanent as of 2017.

External funding for research and
education activities 2018  
New grants recieved*     4.8
New grants accumulated 2007-2018* 169.8

External grants spent on specific programmes
• The National Info & Education Centre from the
Danish Ministry of Health, including projects
• Other external grants for research




Conferences, educational courses and products      5.0
Research contracts     4.2

*Excluding the annual grant fro the Danish Ministry of Health


Staff 2018  
Number of employees/full-time equivalents 114/82
No. of employees funded by
• Internal sources
• External sources


Conflict of interest

Employees at Danish Dementia Research Centre are affiliated with numerous committees, boards, etc. For a complete list of these, please see the latest annual report.

For a complete list of doctor's affiliation to the pharmaceutical industry, we refer to the Danish Medicines Agencies list " Doctors associated with pharmaceutical companies".


The Danish Ministry of Health supports the DDRC National Info & Education Centre for Dementia. We are grateful for support for specific projects from the following foundations in 2018:

  • Absalon Foundation
  • Aldring og Helse, Natjonal kompetansetjeneste
  • Alzheimer Research Foundation
  • A. P. Møller Foundation
  • Bøhmes Foundation
  • Capital Region of Denmark, Global Excellence Programme
  • Chr. Andersen Scholarship
  • Danish Freemason Order
  • Danish Health Authority
  • Danish Huntington’s Disease Association
  • Danish Medical Association
  • Danish Ministry of Health and the Elderly
  • Desirée and Niels Ydes Foundation
  • European Academy of Neurology
  • Ellen Mørch Foundation
  • Estate of Knud Langballe Axelsen
  • European Union (FP7)
  • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen
  • Family Hede Nielsen Fund
  • Ida-Lis and Finn Olsen Foundation
  • Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Jascha Foundation
  • Kavli Trust Fundation (Norway)
  • Lundbeck Foundation
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • The Regions Clinical Quality Development Program (RKKP)
  • Rigshospitalet Anniversary Fund
  • Rigshospitalet Scientific Committee
  • Simon Spies Foundation
  • Aase and Ejnar Danielsen Foundation
Updated at 03 May 2019