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The staff at Danish Dementia Research Centre consist of medical doctors, nurses, neuropsychologists, administrative assistants, educational staff and Ph.D. students.

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DDRC Management:


Gunhild Waldemar
MD, DMSc, professor, senior neurologist




Clinical director
Copenhagen Memory Clinic

Birgitte Bo Andersen
MD, DMSc, senior neurologist



hanne s.jpgHead nurse
Copenhagen Memory Clinic

Hanne I. Sørensen



Steen_Hasselbalch.gifResearch director

Steen G. Hasselbalch
MD, DMSc, professor, senior neurologist



jørgenResearch director

Jørgen E. Nielsen
MD, PhD, associate professor, senior neurologist




Educational director

Karen Tannebæk
Occupational therapist (gerontology)



jetterResearch administrator

Jette Rasmussen



Mette Tandrup HansenDirector of communications and press

Mette Tandrup Hansen



Other staff:

Danish Dementia Research Centre has app. 70 employees. A complete list of all employees at DDRC is avialable at our Danish website: 

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Updated at 12 April 2017