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Dementia Days – a nationwide conference

Every year in May, DDRC organises Dementia Days, a national two-day conference for dementia specialists and practitioners. It is Denmark's largest conference on dementia.

Dementia Days is a valuable educational opportunity for mangement and staff working in the social services and health care sector. The conference programme is prepared in collaboration with the DDRC scientific advisory group. Our two networks of local ambassadors and professional advisers are also consulted to help identify topics and speakers.

Professionals from the Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and the Faeroe Isles often attend the conference to get a Danish perspective on dementia work.

At the conference, invited speakers from Denmark and other countries presents their views and experiences on a wide range of topics. During the conference, participants also have the opportunity to present (poster or oral presentention) results from their own research.

Dementia Days attracts more than 1,000 praticipants from across the nation from a large variety os disciplines. 

Next Dementia Days: May 8.-9. 2017

More information about the DementiaDays (in danish)


Updated at 12 April 2017