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Dementia Days – a nationwide conference

Every year in May, DDRC organises Dementia Days, a national two-day conference for dementia specialists and practitioners.

As Denmark’s largest conference on dementia, it provides a valuable educational opportunity for management and staff working in the social services and health care sector. The Minister for the Elderly, Thyra Frank, opened the conference on 8 May 2017, which centred on the theme “We have a plan”, referring to the
national dementia plan 2025. 

This year’s Dementia Days had a record of 1,206 participants, including exhibitors and lecturers. Professor Marin Orrell, University of Nottingham, was among the invited speakers. During the conference there were nine symposiums, with speakers from across the nation presenting their reviews and data on an extensive
range of topics. Participants also had the opportunity to present results from their own projects. 

Next Dementia Days: May 23.-24. 2019

More information about the DementiaDays (in danish)


Updated at 24 April 2018