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Online course and educational app

ABC Dementia is the DDRC's online courses for basic care staff and for junior doctors. DDRC has also developed the first app in Danish about Dementia.

ABC Dementia involves modular e-learning, with each module designed to cover a specific topic, such as dementia disorders, behavioural disorders or communication. The practice oriented nature of the topics and the variety of educational approaches used make the courses especially user friendly.

E-learning for basic care staff

When launched in 2013 ABC Dementia targeted basic care staff (home care and nursing homes) and was a new approach designed to reach beyond traditional courses and conferences. Offering free e-learning is one way of providing care staff across the country with easy access to knowledge about dementia. By the end of 2016 ABC Dementia had more than 18,000 users and more users join weekly.

jorgen_nanna_hojformat_220pxbred.jpgE-learning for junior doctors

ABC Dementia for junior doctors launched in October 2016. The target group is physicians in training, primarily within geriatrics, neurology, psychiatry and general practice, as well as other interested parties. The content was developed based on a variety of cases and touches on topics such as disease progression, assessment/diagnostics, occurrence and treatment. 

Try ABC Dementia (in Danish)

APP: About Dementia

DDRC has developed the first Danish app about dementia for iOS and android smartphones. The app “About Dementia” (Viden om demens) is a widely used observation tool for caregivers and has also been translated into a Norwegian version.

In 2016 the app was used 52,550 times (user sessions) and had 15,575 unique users.

Download the app "About Dementia"

Updated at 12 April 2017