Til forsiden

Scandinavian conference

Every other year DDRC organises a two-day conference for leaders in care in collaboration with the Norwegian and Swedish national research and education centres. In 2017 we started planning the conference, which will be held in Copenhagen in October 2018. The conference usually attracts hundreds of leaders within dementia care from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Read more about our collaborators The Swedish Dementia Centre and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health

The first Scandinavian conference was held in 2012 in Copenhagen with 420 attendees. A number of internationally recognised researchers were invited and gave talks, including keynote speaker Professor Dawn Brooker, University of Worcester, England, who gave a presentation on "Person Centred Care: What´s Wrong?"

In 2014 the three centres organised a conference in Stockholm bringing together leaders in dementia care from Scandinavia and international researchers and speakers with the aim to address some of the challenges dementia care faces in the future.The conference was entitled "Good dementia care – a question of management?" and was attended by 301 leaders in dementia care from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Among the speakers were:

  • Paul Edwards, Registered Nurse and Head of training and practice development, Bradford Dementia Group, University of Bradford, England
  • Isabelle Latham, Senior Lecturer, Association of Dementia Studies, University of Worcester, England
  • Astrid Nordberg, Nurse and professor, Umeå university, Sweden

In 2016 the Scandinavian conference was held i Oslo and the 300 attendees could among many others enjoy these keynote spearkers: 

  • G. Allen Power, MD geritrician, professor, University of Rochester, USA
    Dementia beyond Disease: A Well-Being Approach
  • Caroline Baker, Director of Dementia Care, Barchester Healthcare, England
    Changing Cultures in Dementia 





Updated at 24 April 2018