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DDRC research

DDRC research programmes cover a wide spectrum of clinical and translational research, including studies on epidemiology, biofluid markers, brain imaging, neurogenetics, genotypephenotype correlations, patientspecific stem cells, disease course, neuropsychology, drug trials, non-pharmacological interventions and health service research. 

The DDRC research team covers many different academic disciplines and comprises research professors and clinical trial directors (with shared clinical and research positions), postdocs/ senior researchers, PhD students, associated researchers and student research fellows ( Who is who). In addition, consultant neurologists and neuropsychologists on the clinical team contribute significantly to our research. Three research nurses (study coordinators) and three research administrators take care of the coordination and financial aspects of our many research programmes.  

For more specific information please see the description of our thematic areas of researchresearch ressources and publications for information of completed projects. 

Please see: Financing and acknowledgements



Updated at 25 April 2018