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DDRC research

DDRC research programmes cover a wide spectrum of clinical and translational research, including studies on epidemiology, biofluid markers, brain imaging, neurogenetics, genotype-phenotype correlations, patientspecific stem cells, disease course, neuropsychology, drug trials, nonpharmacological interventions and health service research.

The research programmes at DDRC cover a wide spectrum of clinical and translational research. For more specific information please see the description of our thematic areas of research, research ressources and publications for information of completed projects. 

Many different resources form the basis for the research programmes at DDRC, for example patient cohorts representing a wide range of diagnostic entities, information from healthy controls and mutation carriers, and nationwide health care registries. The Danish Dementia Biobank is an important resource for biomarker research and has blood and/or CSF samples from more than 3,000 patients.

Our research is funded by external grants and donations from public and private foundations. The health service and intervention research programmes with direct relevance to improving the quality of dementia care in Denmark are funded in part by the Danish Ministry of Health as an integral part of the National Info & Education Centre.

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Updated at 12 April 2017