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Academic articles published by scientists affiliated with the Danish Dementia Research Centre in 2012 are presented below:

Andersen, K., Andersen, B. B., & Pakkenberg, B. (2012). Stereological quantification of the cerebellum in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiology of Aging, 33(1)(197), 197.e11-197.e20.pubmed-logo

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Ellefsen, B., Morse, D. E., Waldemar, G., & Holm-Pedersen, P. (2012). Indicators for root caries in Danish persons with recently diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. Gerodontology, 29(3), 194-202.pubmed-logo

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Frederiksen, K. S., Hasselbalch, S., Hejl, A-M., Law, I., Højgaard, L., & Waldemar, G. (2012). Added Diagnostic Value of 11C-PiB-PET in Memory Clinic Patients with Uncertain Diagnosis. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra, 2, 610-621.pubmed-logo

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Hasselbalch, J., Knorr, U., Bennike, B., Hasselbalch, S. G., Søndergaard, M. H. G., & Vedel Kessing, L. (2012). Decreased levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the remitted state of unipolar depressive disorder. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. Supplementum, 126(3), 157-64.pubmed-logo

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Jensen-Dahm, C., Vogel, A., Waldorff, F. B., & Waldemar, G. (2012). Discrepancy between self- and proxy-rated pain in Alzheimer's disease: results from the Danish Alzheimer Intervention Study. American Geriatrics Society. Journal, 60(7), 1274-8.pubmed-logo

Jokinen, H., Frederiksen, K. S., Garde, E., Skimminge, A., Siebner, H., Waldemar, G., Ylikoski, R., Madureira, S., Verdelho, A., van Straaten, E. C. W., Barkhof, F., Fazekas, F., Schmidt, R., Pantoni, L., Inzitari, D., & Erkinjuntti, T. (2012). Callosal tissue loss parallels subtle decline in psychomotor speed. A longitudinal quantitative MRI study. The LADIS Study. Neuropsychologia, 50(7), 1650-5.pubmed-logo

Jønch, A. E., Danielsen, E. R., Thomsen, C., Meden, P., Svenstrup, K., & Nielsen, J. E. (2012). Intravenous immunoglobulin treatment in a patient with adrenomyeloneuropathy. B M C Neurology, 12(1), 108.pubmed-logo

Lunau, L. A., Mouridsen, K., Rodell, A., Ostergaard, L., Nielsen, J. E., Isaacs, A., Johannsen, P., & FReJA Consortium (2012). Presymptomatic cerebral blood flow changes in CHMP2B mutation carriers of familial frontotemporal dementia (FTD-3), measured with MRI. BMJ Open, 2(2), e000368.pubmed-logo

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Nielsen, T. T., Mizielinska, S., Hasholt, L. F., Isaacs, A. M., Nielsen, J. E., & FReJA Consortium (2012). Reversal of pathology in CHMP2B-mediated frontotemporal dementia patient cells using RNA interference. The journal of gene medicine, 14(8), 521-9.pubmed-logo

Nielsen, T. T., Mardosiene, S., Løkkegaard, A., Stokholm, J., Stiegnitz von Ehrenfels, S. E. M., Bech, S., Friberg, L., Nielsen, J. K., & Nielsen, J. E. (2012). Severe and rapidly progressing cognitive phenotype in a SCA17-family with only marginally expanded CAG/CAA repeats in the TATA-box binding protein gene: A case report. B M C Neurology, 12(1), 73.pubmed-logo

Nielsen, T. R., Vogel, A., Gade, A., & Waldemar, G. (2012). Cognitive testing in non-demented Turkish immigrants - comparison of the RUDAS and the MMSE. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Supplementum, 53(6), 455-60.pubmed-logo

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Sheykhzade, M., Simonsen, A. H., Boonen, H. C. M., Outzen, E. M., & Nyborg, N. C. B. (2012). Effect of ageing on the passive and active tension and pharmacodynamic characteristics of rat coronary arteries: age-dependent increase in sensitivity to 5-HT and K+. Pharmacology Fast, 90(3-4), 160-8.pubmed-logo

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Vogel, A., Stokholm, J., & Jørgensen, K. (2012). Performances on Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test and Rey Complex Figure Test in a healthy, elderly Danish sample--reference data and validity issues. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Supplementum, 53(1), 26-31.pubmed-logo

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