Til forsiden

The National Info & Education Centre for Dementia

Established in 2007 and funded by the Danish Ministry of Health, the National Info & Education Centre for Dementia provides research, nationwide education and the dissemination of information about dementia, primarily to health care professionals and care staff in Denmark. DDRC communicates with a variety of professionals and societies on a range of platforms via, for example the DDRC website, training courses, networks, e-learning, public media, apps, publications and conferences. 

The Danish National Dementia Plan 

In 2017 the Danish Ministry of Health launched the national dementia strategy 2025 and an action plan with 23 initiatives for 2017-2019.

All initiatives were active in 2018 and DDRC were involved in many. DDRC has responsibility for managing 3 initiatives: 

  • A new case-finding tool for use in primary care
  • A tool-box for psycho-social support, counselling and teaching of patients and caregivers
  • Concepts for dementia-friendly hospitals DDRC also contributed to the completion of Denmark’s first national research strategy, an initiative headed by the Danish Health Authority and published in December 2018. 


Updated at 06 May 2019