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E-learning and educational app

ABC Dementia is the DDRC's free online courses for for various professional groups. DDRC has also developed the first app in Danish about Dementia.

Offering free e-learning is one way of providing easy-access knowledge about dementia to various target groups across the nation. The practice-oriented nature of the topics and the variety of educational approaches used make the courses especially user friendly.

Interest in using e-learning as a supplement for developing skills also continues to grow.

In 2018 the overall ABC Dementia concept was further developed and future-proofed, with the implementation of new software allowing DDRC to independently produce e-learning material in the future.

ABC Dementia – Care

In 2016 a full-fledged basic course for staff working with care was completed that is used for basic and ongoing education in municipalities and regions. Registered users at the end of 2018: 24,575.

ABC Dementia for Physicians

The e-learning course ABC Dementia for Physicians was launched in October 2016 and targets physicians in training but is also relevant for doctors and other professionals who work with dementia assessments. Registered users at the end of 2018: 1,392.

ABC Dementia for Hospitals 

In 2018 an e-learning course targeting hospital care staff was launched. Registered users at the end of 2018: 719. 

ABC Dementia-friendly Hospitals 

E-learning targeting all staff working at hospitals. 

Try ABC Dementia (in Danish)

APP: About Dementia


The About Dementia app is an observation tool for professional caregivers. The content and design of the app were updated in 2018 and the number of unique users rose from 17,200 in 2017 to 19,500. 

Download the app "About Dementia"

Updated at 06 May 2019