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Communication and press – Interaction with society

DDRC in the press

DDRC takes pride in offering commentary, articles and statements on dementia-related issues to the general media. With more than 500 media mentions in 2019, DDRC was present in the press on an almost daily basis. For example, a documentary team from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation followed Memory Clinic patients who suffer from Huntington’s, filming them at home, during exams and while being treated at the clinic.


In 2019 more than 400,000 users visited the DDRC website, viewing a combined 1.4 million pages with information on dementia diseases, risk factors and statistics for people who work with assessment, treatment and care. Materials and tools useful in clinical practice can be downloaded or ordered on the site. The press, patients and caregivers are also frequent users of our website.

As part of the Toolbox: Support for living with dementia, initiative 11 of National Dementia Strategy 2025, DDRC developed the subsite “demensværktøjskassen.dk” in 2019. In August 2019 a webshop accessible from the main website, was also launched, making materials from the Toolbox and other information on dementia (e.g. a handbook, diagnostic criteria and a screening battery) available for order.


Published 6-8 times per year, the DDRC newsletter contains information about the latest research and current courses and conferences. At the close of 2019 we had 7,490 subscribers.

About Dementia app

The About Dementia app is an observation tool for professional caregivers that was released in an updated version optimised for mobile phones and tablets in January 2019. An agreement was entered into with the Icelandic Alzheimer Association in 2019 for an Icelandic version of the About Dementia app, just as a similar agreement was made with the Faroese Alzheimer Association in late December 2019.

Social media

All of our social media platforms have a growing number of followers, engaging users and generating traffic on the DDRC website. Facebook is a useful way to create and maintain a relationship with the public and to disseminate knowledge about dementia and DDRC, e.g. its activities, courses and conferences, while Twitter is valuable for spreading news about research and building relationships with relevant journalists. On LinkedIn we share updates of interest with dementia stakeholders and professionals.

DDRC conference booth

The DDRC conference booth was present at various events in 2019, e.g. Dementia Days. The booth is instrumental in promoting direct contact with our target groups, allowing us to generate new contacts and disseminate information about our materials to professionals and stakeholders, as well as general knowledge about dementia to the public.

Updated at 11 June 2020