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Courses and conferences about dementia

The National Info & Education Centre for Dementia offers a wide range of courses throughout the country, in addition to two annual conferences.

Course Catalogue 2018

In 2018 the Course Catalogue contained 16 1-3 day activities. The various themes included, for example: nutrition and eating and swallowing difficulties, person-centred care, dementia diagnosis masterclass, physical training, early intervention, pain and delirium, the physically and mentally disabled, music as a tool for presence and wellbeing, become an ABC Dementia instructor and management for dementia professionals.

Dementia Days – A national conference

Every year DDRC organises Dementia Days, a national two-day conference for dementia specialists and practitioners. As Denmark’s largest conference on dementia, it provides a valuable educational opportunity for management and staff working in the social services and health care sector.

Dementia Days was held 7-8 May 2018 and covered the theme United around dementia – today and tomorrow. At the joint symposium, Dr Andrew Sommerlad, University College London; Professor Bengt Winblad, Karolinska Instituttet, Stockholm; Birgitte Vølund, chair, Danish Dementia Association; and Gunhild Waldemar, head of DDRC, gave presentations.

During the conference’s opening the Danish Minister of Health, Ellen Trane Nørby, and the Danish Minister for Senior Citizens, Thyra Frank, presented the 2018 Dementia Award.

The sessions at the symposium focused on:

  • Assessment of dementia – Where are we headed?
  • Dementia friendly society
  • Meaningful everyday life in a nursing home
  • Cognitive functions and the brain in old age
  • Data and quality development
  • Diabetes and dementia
  • Living with dementia
  • Dementia allies – Involvement
  • Dementia, substance abuse and mental illness
  • Reminiscence and cultural activities
  • Open lectures, where participants present their own project

Once again Dementia Days had record attendance with 1,246 participants, including exhibitors and speakers. During the conference there were nine sessions, with speakers from across the nation resenting their views and data on an extensive range of topics. Participants also had the opportunity to present results from their own projects.

Next Dementia Days will be held 23-24 May 2019

Scandinavian conference for leaders in dementia care 2018

Every other year DDRC organises a two-day conference for leaders in dementia care in collaboration with Norwegian and Swedish national research and education centres. In 2018 the Scandinavian leadership conference was held for the fourth time jointly with the Swedish Dementia Centre and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health. DDRC hosted the conference, which was held in Copenhagen from 22-23 October 2018 and attended by 247 people.

The programme featured 17 presentations by speakers from Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and this year’s title was “Excellent dementia care is a question of management: How to ensure person-centred care throughout the entire dementia trajectory”.

Annual research conference 2018 – subjective cognitive impairment

Every year a full-day national conference primarily devoted to the latest scientific news within a specific topic of interest related to dementia takes place in November at Rigshospitalet. Thiere were 138 participants at the conference, which attracts scientists and practitioners from across Denmark.

The theme in 2018 was subjective memory impairment and there were presentations by Giovanni Frisoni, professor of clinical neuroscience, University of Geneva; Wiesje van der Flier and Linda Wesselmann, VUmc Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam; Lena Johansson, Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Gothenburg; Caroline Ott, Copenhagen Mental Health Centre; and Asmus Vogel, DDRC. 

Updated at 06 May 2019