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DDRC's national networks

To foster an exchange of knowledge, education and quality programmes, DDRC and its National Info & Education Centre for Dementia coordinate national networks across regional, municipal and professional boundaries.

Network of Danish Memory Clinics

Set up by DDRC in 2008, the Network of Danish Memory Clinics serves as a platform for dissemination and exchange of information, for harmonising and standardising assessment and treatment methods, and for strengthening local and national collaboration. Its members, which comprise multidisciplinary staff such as nurses, medical doctors and neuropsychologists, are mainly based in hospital psychiatric, geriatric or neurological departments and receive referrals from local general practitioners for diagnostic evaluation of dementia. Network members meet once a year to maintain and further develop national cooperation.

National network of municipality-based dementia ambassadors

Each of the 98 Danish municipalities has appointed a dementia ambassador to disseminate information about DDRC activities and news from other municipalities to local professionals and to monitor local needs for educational activities. Special newsletters sent six times a year and an annual meeting for the ambassadors ensure contact between DDRC and the ambassadors.

DaneDem – a network for psycho-social research

For multidisciplinary researchers interested in psychosocial interventions, such as cognitive rehabilitation, music therapy and personalised care, DaneDem (Danish Research Network on Psychosocial Methods in Dementia) is the Danish counterpart of the pan-European network Interdem. The aim of the network is to provide mutual inspiration, idea development and to be a mutual sounding board. DaneDem meets at least once a year with the aim of improving psychosocial dementia research in Denmark and met for the fifth time in Aarhus on 16 April 2018 and for the sixth time in Nyborg on 24 September 2018. The network continues to grow and currently has 26 members.


Updated at 06 May 2019